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Keep up with your uptime

Continuous improvement is central to the TTM platform. We strive towards new, innovative concepts and a constant increase in efficiency.

The entire TTM product portfolio is impressive with its high degree of flexibility for both, formats and pack styles, its utmost reliability and its high degree of process safety. These important qualities are based on the carefully designed platform. It consists of standardized modules, which can be perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Almost any product can be packaged reliably, carefully and efficiently using Sigpack TTM loader, cartoners and case packer.

"Fast and error-free format changeovers are essential with our variety of products. The different products and pack styles had to be managed quickly and reliably.That’s why the Sigpack TTM1 was our first choice."

Dan Klock

CEO of Bridgetown Natural Foods, U.S.A.


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